Hey everyone, well I’m still trying to find my way around this site and figuring out how to make this page my own. If you’re wondering what “with sling and stone” means, it refers to the story of David and Goliath. David, a young boy, faced Goliath with just a sling and a stone while trained, armored men shook in their boots. I think we each, individually, are like Davids who face Goliaths in this modern world daily. Satan and his demons whisper lies in our ears, telling us we are incapable, and unworthy, that we’ll never make it… But thorugh God all things are possible. Through faith all things are possible. Through our very own belief, all things are possible. I’ve been reading a lot about The Secret and The Power lately. For those who don’t know what they are about, they’re about The Law of Attraction. That magnetic energy surrounds all of us, and what we give out to the world truly comes back to us. I’ll get more into that later at some point, but back to this domain name.. basically we wake each morning and walk out into the world, many times defended only by a sling, a stone, and Jesus Christ within us. This blog will cover many topics, but it’s theme being our daily walk with God and the potholes along the way. It’s about hope and help and community.

I want to quickly share, that I found this great idea the other day.. I was reading another blog, he’s a worship leader at Remuda Ranch (an amazing residential treatment center for eating disorders) named Josh Miles. His blog is www.contentunderpressure.com, so y’all should definitely check him out. Anyway he spoke of the idea of having a single word for 2011, instead of all the resolutions, have one word that you focus on for the year. His chosen word is “lean.” I really liked this idea and though I have made some realistic New Year’s Resolutions, I still decided I want to encompass one word into my daily life for 2011. And that word is “surrender.” In the past this has always been difficult for me. I think every one of us struggles with it to some extent. And with good reason- it’s a hard thing to just give up control and put full trust into Someone we can’t see and can’t always feel. Whether it’s wanting something RIGHT NOW, or having the chance to get revenge on someone who has wronged us, or letting worry and fear consume our mind due to financial burdens, stress at work, or family chaos. It’s so hard to ‘let go and let God’ and let ourselves take a backseat, feeling like we aren’t really doing much about it. Of course we are praying, but it doesn’t always FEEL like a lot, especially not knowing when God will ANSWER those prayers.

I’ve surrendered a lot in my life, and I’ve always come out the other side better for it. I surrendered a volleyball career to focus on recovery, then I surrendered my eating disorder bit by bit, addiction by addiction. I surrendered my determination to get through college right now, and finally put my hands up saying, “God, this is obviously not working right now. Lead me and I will follow. Show me YOUR way.” I’ve surrendered my anger at my mom, and the circumstances of my relationship with her. I’ve given up trying to get her to change, and instead let God give me what relationship I can have with her, while helping me maintain boundaries to protect my heart. On many occasions I’ve surrendered pride, arrogance, plans… we all do. But I can feel that there is a very strong thread that I’ve been refusing to let go of. Mainly it has to do with what I think I’m supposed to have in my life, and my pursuit to get it regarding relationships, and fear is what keeps that thread strong. 2011 is about daily surrender. On hard days I may have to literally remind myself of this every couple minutes, constantly asking the Holy Spirit to strengthen me. This isn’t any huge earth-altering feat, but it will be heart-altering for me. I think if I can accomplish this through Christ, I can beat my borderline personality completely. Let go, lay it down, surrender.

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