Finding Purpose

A common question for all of humanity is probably, “What is my purpose?” “Why am I here?”  In the midst of decisions and deadlines we pray for guidance.  We ask God if we should accept the new job offer, if we should say yes and marry the guy, if we should go this route or try that one? We often walk through life wondering when the fog in front of us will clear, when things will finally make sense…. and we go to great lengths to figure out what all this means, to know why we were put on this earth, what we’re meant for?

Maybe we’re complicating things. Maybe the answer is so incredibly simple that we are looking right past it and missing the point completely. Maybe our purpose isn’t about our career, our relationship choices… maybe you and I and all of this world’s inhabitants are meant for the same.

In John 15, Jesus gave his disciples one profound and beautiful command, and in essence cleared up all the confusion and complexities of life, summing up the essence of life in just a few words. He said, “Abide in Me.”

Essentially… “Find the meaning of life in Me. Find your purpose in Me. Find your value and worth in Me. Find wisdom, forgiveness, and satisfaction in Me. Find perfect love and acceptance in Me…. Spend time with Me, be still with Me, and all else will become clear… Find Me and the map will appear to you, giving you the ability to easily navigate life’s paths and forks in the road.”

Abiding in Him is our purpose. Abiding in Him is why we are here, is why we were created. Today we define a “successful” life by money, status, and power. Jesus defines a “successful” life by voluntary servitude.

What would it look like if we stepped out of our own way and offered ourselves as a living temple of God on Earth. What if, instead of trying to figure out what it is that He wants, we let Him do it Himself, through us?  What kind of potential do we open up for ourselves, if we ask God to transform us into His vessel, and say, “Lord, Your will be done. Not mine.”

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