Embracing the Storm

It’s raining today. It rains in life. A lot. Doesn’t it?

Rain is a necessary component in nature. Rain restores, revives, refreshes. It can be burdensome and depressing, but yet it washes away dirt and debris and is essential for growth and life. Most people don’t like to be outside in the rain, don’t like to feel the wet downpour soaking them. It may mess up their hair or make them cold or ruin their make-up. But without it, flowers would wilt, land would run dry, life would dwindle…

Isn’t this how it works in our lives as well? Don’t our lives portray seasons similar to this earth we inhabit? We have rain. Sometimes a drizzle, sometimes a torrential downpour. We have summers and winters, falls and springs. We have seasons of prosperity and abundance, and seasons of barrenness and brokenness. Our Creator knew the cold winter would bring before He even made it. He also knew that if we learned to embrace the cold, we’d find the beauty of the snow. He also knows the pain we will feel in the winter of our lives before it happens, but maybe we are doing ourselves a great disservice by not embracing what we are walking through. Maybe we focus on the disappointment and heartache and miss the growth ruminating deep in the recesses of our hearts. Winter is often a time of hibernation, but while black bears may use a physical sense of the word, people go through hibernation of the spirit. And I think, if we choose to allow it, this hibernation time will allow us to travel within depths of ourselves we didn’t even know existed. It will allow us to emerge stronger and braver than before. It can open our eyes and alter perspective. And it is a chance, an invitation, to be embraced by a Father who loves us just the way we are, but loves us too much to leave us that way.

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