In my brokenness, Jesus will shine.

Too many “Christians” want to see how close to the world they can get without compromising. Its this place that you find yourself slowly entangled in the webs of Satan. To be honest this is the place, that is even questionable to whether you truly love Jesus. When were really sold out, our focus is not how close to the world can we get, but how close to cross can we stay. — Burke Zack

Sometimes in life God breaks us down, or lets us be broken down, so he can build us back up even stronger than before. Today is the first day in, well, at least a month, that I feel the strengthening within. Where I can actually feel like maybe deep down I’m growing. Sometimes when God takes things away from us, we don’t realize it at the time but they are really things of poison… poisonous friendships, distractions… and sometimes he needs to realign us on our path to infuence.

Satan will use those closest to us, friends and family.., to deliver blows to our heart. These are the people we least expect it from and the people who have the capacity to drive the knife the deepest. It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad if a stranger stopped us in the middle of the street and said, “You are a pathetic, ugly, piece of trash that will never amount to anything or will ever be loved.” It hurts a heck of a lot more if it comes from someone you thought was a friend.

Trojan horses come in all disguises in this life. And they are sometimes planted with great planning and patience, even taking years to reveal themselves. I kind of feel like all the trojan horses in my life and confessing to their true identity lately, one at a time, with demons crawling out of them in the middle of the night. As much as it hurts, maybe I need to see this. I need to see the truth, to be made aware of the lies and deceit. It does not only sadden me for me, but it saddens me for the world. Especially when these trojan horses are people who claim to be Christians and are walking this great facade using Jesus to justify their actions and justify the hate being spewed from their mouths. It saddens me that lost people in this world will come across them and think, “Wow, if that’s what JC is about then I don’t want anything to do with Christianity.”

I am at a crossroads faced with two options. I can throw in the towel, cower and hide, and hand Satan my white flag. Or, I can piss him off even more by letting his robots and lies fall on deaf ears, and grabbing the hand of the One who redeems and allowing him to make me stronger than ever through this. Allow him to prune the dead leaves from my life and get rid of the bad fruit, leaving the good room to ripen and flourish.

I may feel alone in this world, but if I have Jesus, I will always be in the majority. Thank you to my good friend, Meredith, for that today. 🙂

I may be misunderstood by many in this world. People may misunderstand and attack my intentions and motives, my character, my faith. But ultimately it does not matter. It doesn’t matter what they think. It doesn’t matter what any human in this world thinks. He knows my heart. He knows me. He gets me, gets what makes me me, what motivates my actions and feelings….and HE MADE ME THAT WAY!!!!!

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