The List

The Challenge:
Complete 101 pre-set tasks in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria: 
Tasks must be specific (ex: no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ex: represent some amount of work on my part). Blog posts will be written about each task accomplished.
The Clause:
I will complete each task ask written, but I reserve the right to change any tasks (most likely due to monetary concerns). If this happens, I will replace the chosen task with a new one.

The Dates:
Tuesday, August 26, 2011 to Tuesday, May 23, 2014

The List:
1. Finish and publish 2 books: my memoir, and The Strength to Stand-in a fallen world
2. swim with dolphins
3. get licensed to scuba diva
4. complete at least 2 mission trips
5. complete a 5 mile run
6. continue salsa dancing classes
7. complete p90x
8. start an eating disorder support group
9. learn about edible plants and survival skills for living off the land
10. complete certification for biblical counseling specializing in addictions & recovery
11. start life coaching and biblical counseling career
12. complete EAGALA certs for levels 1 & 2
13. do an Out of the Darkness walk one year
14. get Bandit started on barrels and run with him in an official show/rodeo
15. start showing Chance in hunter under saddle
16. have a visit with my friend Meredith in Kentucky
17. visit my sponsor child Dayana in Colombia, South America
18. revisit my learning of Spanish and be able to speak fluently
19. rent a jet ski and enjoy some fun on the water
20. whether I’m still renting or I become a home owner, find a place where I have my horses on my own land
21. learn all info necessary to help my dad with harness racing handicapping on a reguar basis
22. complete selling of softball bats and decorative plates for my dad
23. make a font out of my handwriting
24. get lasik surgery on my eyes
25. do a full study of the bible from Genesis through Revelations, start to finish (either a class or independently)
26. learn how to do equine massage
27. find a part time photography job for at least 6 months
28. go parasailing
29. learn how to operate a sailboat
30. visit the Holocaust museum in Washington DC
31. see a show at the Grand Ole Opry
32. see a music on Broadway
33. hold a monkey
34. learn to play a keyboard and/or guitar
35. learn astronomy
36. build my credit
37. learn to shoot either a gun or a bow and arrow, or both
38. stick to a new year’s resolution for an entire year
39. volunteer for something at least once a week for 6 months
40. make home-made ice cream
41. be an extra in a film
42. save enough money to take my dad to Medjugorje
43. be debt free
44. learn more about nutrition and which foods have healing qualities for which ailments
45. grow a garden
46. learn to make knots and snares to survive in the wild (goes with #9)
47. work or volunteer at a marine center for at least 3 months
48. see a tornado from a safe distance
49. get a job in a ministry at church
50. participate in a flash mob
51. eat only home cooked meals for a full month
52. teach Selah and Rameses 25 commands/words each
53. take an art class at SCAD
54. take a culinary class
55. become financial/business management literate
56. play a chess game with my dad like we did when I was a kid
57. learn how to jump (horses)
58. go camping
59. learn to sew
60. one Christmas, make every single gift I give a homemade one
61. donate blood
62. have a photoshoot with my dogs and horses
63. buy a pick-up truck
64. learn at least 3 of each type of wine and be able to tell info about it
65. write a song
66. start motivational speaking (to girls and schools about eating disorders and self-image)
67. experience a drive-in movie
68. send a message in a bottle
69. finish reading every book I own
70. publish a photo in a magazine
71. reconnect with an old friend
72. see my long, lost, childhood friend Dana
73. take a self-defense class
74. learn to start a fire without matches
75. see a wild sea turtle
76. try a new food once a week for a year
77. learn how to use different herbs in cooking
78. learn to do henna
79. see my friend Sunny who I haven’t seen since h.s. graduation
80. experience Pirate Fest at Tybee in October one year
81. protest something
82. spend several hours one night on the beach under the pier in the middle of a storm, and just witness the unforgiving beauty of nature
83. learn a new word every day for a month
84. learn to drive a stick shift
85. take a ballroom dancing class with a partner
86. introduce someone to Jesus
87. learn 50 words in ASL
88. go to the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo in Wyoming with Amanda one year
89. learn kick boxing
90. apply/audition/whatever you call it to be on Survivor
91. start a savings account that I actually use and put money in
92. get paid to blog
93. attend a black tie event
94. learn how to speak well in 2 accents (ex. british and australian)
95. go on 5 Savannah ghost tours
96. do a 365 day photo project
97. stop biting my nails
98. go to a masquerade ball
99. pay for a stranger’s meal
100. rescue a starving horse, nurse back to health, and rehome
101. watch the sunrise on the beach
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