Patience, child.

We want things quickly. We want things easily. But sometimes we have to wait. Sometimes we have to struggle first. And sometimes, especially for us Americans-mostly-used-to-immediate-gratification, it’s hard to understand that we may not see the bigger picture and God may have a different idea. God’s timing may be different than ours. We may be into microwaving, but God prefers marinating.

God gives three answers to our prayers. Yes, Wait, or I’ve got something better. Sometimes when I’m praying for something, wondering why things don’t seem to be fitting together, or why my dreams aren’t coming together yet, I have to pause and remind myself of this… that he hears and answers all prayers. We have to trust in that, even if we don’t understand the whys or the hows.

God never creates trials and suffering for us, but he does allow us to go through it for a purpose. There is always a purpose. Waiting, and trusting, shows us what we are made of. Are we going to have a good attitude and remain positive? Or are we going to give up and get negative? Are we going to allow ourselves to grow and gain strength? Or get frustrated with God and believe he has abandoned us?

Not getting what we want can sometimes bring greater blessing than we can imagine. Maybe if we got what we were asking for we would be settling for good instead of waiting for something great to come along.

The key is sitting back, taking a deep breath, and being patient. And committing to enjoying life and taking advantage of every day in the mean time.  Don’t get so caught up in what ISN’T happening in your life, to miss out on what IS.

Be thankful for every day. Count your blessings. Feel the sunshine. And know that God has promised to bring all things together for good for those who love him. If we put our trust in him, and surrender the reins to him, he will bring forth greater blessing than we could ever even think to ask for on our own. He is working behind the scenes, sometimes when we see it or feel it the least.


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