Happy New Year

It feels like we were just here. An ending and a new beginning. A chance to remember and a chance to start over. How strange is the passage of time. It’s always the same, always ticking away, a second at a time. It is constant. Yet to us, it’s always changing, slow or fast, speeding up. Almost never appreciated enough.

As the ball drops and the new year manifests, I close my eyes and first hit pause, then rewind. Images of 2013 play and I can’t help but be humbled and in awe. It seems like it flew by, it’s too fast. Much too fast. Yet, so much is held in this one little chapter of time, of life.

Changes, small and big, all significant, all indicating growth.

In retrospect I can see how God is always directing my steps. I make plans, and think I know how things are supposed to turn out. I get discouraged, because I’m not yet where I think I should be by now in life. I get stressed and filled with worry. Yet there He is, always, just asking me to trust Him. He’s gotten me this far, you think I would learn to just trust and let go. He’s got it all figured out.

I am thankful beyond words for how blessed I am, for how loved I am. I am grateful for my life, for every day in it, every day I’m allowed to be and breathe.

A few 2013 moments:

  • -moving from GA to FL to be with the love of my life
  • -3 new jobs
  • -getting my new horse Toby & trading Bandit
  • -writing 60,000 words into a rough draft of a manuscript
  • -visiting the GA aquarium, Harry Potter @ Universal Studios, and St. Augustine
  • -spending the last week of the year with my wonderful parents
  • -my golden birthday, I’m 27!

2013 was a great year. And I have a feeling 2014 will be even greater. 

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