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Part of a stained glass masquerade

How easy it is for us to judge someone without ever walking a mile in their shoes. Being around them, spending time with them, knowing them, being their friend…isn’t enough. Why? Because we are all made different. Our personalities are different. Our hearts are different, have different wounds.. We all have personal, individual reasons that we are the way we are… what makes us tick and why… our intentions, how we cope, how we deal with things… what causes pain to us that another person wouldn’t even blink at.. what causes others pain that seem strange to us..

Just because we don’t understand something, or what someone is doing, how does that give us any right to judge?

Just because someone is acting in a way we can’t understand, does that make it invalid? Does that make it unreasonable? Just because we can’t understand?

Your girlfriend, that can’t commit to anything? Maybe she has experienced more loss in her short life than you can comprehend, and she doesn’t even know how to put both feet in anymore. Maybe what they need from you is proof that putting both feet in won’t make everything blow up in her face, that you love her no matter where her feet are. That your love is true.

Your friend that you’re so angry with, because they don’t care? Maybe they care sooo much that it’s overwhelming them. Maybe they don’t deal well with conflict, and sometimes don’t know how to do anything but shut it out, live under a banner of avoidance. Maybe what they need is your support. Maybe what they need is for you to let them know it’ll be okay, it’s not the end of the world.

As Casting Crowns sings, “If we are the body, why aren’t His arms reaching, why aren’t His hands healing, why aren’t His words teaching, and if we are the body, why aren’t His feet going, why is His love not showing..” These lyrics also say, “A traveler is far away from home, He sheds his coat, And quietly sinks into the back row, The weight of their judgmental glances tells him that his chances, Are better out on the road…”

Let us NOT just be a stained glass masquerade.  I will not be just a stained glass masquerade.

We cannot, as Christians, say we want to be like Jesus in one breath, and in the next breath…put judgment on one of His precious children. We cannot pretend to read minds, to understand hearts.. only He can. If we truly trust in our Lord we won’t condemn others for being different, instead we will embrace others how He made them.

I invite you today, instead of jumping to conclusions, instead of assuming intentions, instead of being self-righteous.. instead of making Jesus’s people fit in your box, why don’t you try and find His. Or rather, realize that God doesn’t have a box. And neither do His people.

This saddens me. And being on the misunderstood side, it hurts. It hurts to realize you can’t trust anyone on this earth, anyone but my God. It hurts to realize that friends really aren’t. That most people in this world aren’t even capable of it. It’s hard to see someone believe something so completely about you that is so far from the truth you feel like they are stealing part of your soul. It hurts.

Today I thank God  for the few friends I can count on in this world, that do not judge me, that do not immediately expect something in return, but know that real friendship is a lifetime of give and take, and in some seasons, one may give more than the other, because one may be in more need than the other.  And I pray for those who are spiritually young and don’t grasp this yet, that You may continue with them on their journey to wisdom, compassion, and open eyes.

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